Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hammocks, Hawk, Hay, Highway- in Other Words, H for the A to Z photo Blog

I'm cheating! I'm using this 1 blog for 2 purposes!

A to Z Photo

and, Camera Critters

The Hawk was rescued by a wildlife sanctuary, it had a broken wing. I think it is beautiful. If memory serves, this is a red legged hawk.

The kids had a blast in the Hammock at the Huntley Lodge in Big Sky. The Lodge was named after Chet Huntley of Huntley Brinkly fame before the national news on NBC became Nightly News if any of you can remember that far back! My dad worked for NBC and worked for Huntley Brinkley!! Just a little trivia that relates to nothing!



Sally's World said...

brilliant photos, i went to a bird reserve once and the trainer made a hawk land on my head...i freaked a little lol!

McMGrad89 said...

I love the highway photo the best.

I can't wait until my brother gets his AtoZ back up and going so I can see what else you do.