Sunday, August 30, 2009

Shed Update!!!

Guess I've had you all wondering!

Do You remember The Shed? Well, Kev, the kids, and I got it all the way to the point of only needing the doors and shingles!

About the end of June a lady in an uniform knocks on my door. She is from code enforcement!!!! A complaint has been lodged, and we need to move our shed, or lower the roof, or do something. We have 60 days~!

Many sleepless nights, worry, fret, etc later, we go downtown to the city offices.

Code enforcement does not have a problem with the shed, if the roof is under 8'. OK, we can lower the roof line a few feet. Now, over to zoning. WE took the original surveyors blue print from when we bought our house, showing the existing shed on the SIDE property. Zoning states no shed may be on SIDE property. WELL, it was there before!!!

Driving through this city, there are millions of sheds on side lots! They don't go looking for infractions, however, when they receive a complaint, they must look into it! We can apply for a variance, and every neighbor within 200' of the 'offense' will receive a letter and have to sign off on the shed! OK, we went around to our neighbors, no problem, everyone of the them would sign off, EXCEPT~ you got it, the WITCH!!!!! Her Kitchen window looks over to our side yard and she sees our roof line. Kevin pitched the roof of the shed to match the house. We were planning on painting the shed to match the house. (New color after new roof) Nasty neighbor does not like seeing 2 sq feet of shed in addition to our roof, she also thinks this shed DE-values her property! We used higher grade siding, to make it look nice, put a window in it to make it look nicer, and when it would have been finished no one probably would have noticed it!

Now, we have to spend our time, labor, and more Money than which the shed cost to cap off sprinklers, plow up the back yard, buy more rock, and find help to tear down a shed that we built to withstand anything and re build it in back! Our yard is pretend, pie shape lot, house takes up most of it, so the shed barely will fit in the back.

When we talked with the neighbors, we pointed this out, that we replaced the existing shed where it was located. If they had given us time to finish, paint the shed, and let the roofers shingle it, it would have looked quited nice!

But, revenge will be sweet.............

The kids have always wanted a trampoline. With the shed taking up the back yard, the only place for the trampoline will be where the shed is right now!!! The tramp will be right up against the fence line, SORRY lady, and the cage around the tramp has to be tall for safety!!!! OH, and I think I'd better get an electrician to put up a light back there so the kids can play at night safely, don't you think? And a big party with all the kids friends needs to had real soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nothing hath, like a woman scorned??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Sally's World said...

OMG, the phrase 'get a life' springs to mind for neighbours like this...

we had a neighbour do this when we were adapting her home, obviously planning passed it, but she kept wandering in and looking in the window to see what we were doing, In the end one of the builders, who was a lovely guy, had got quite attached to the kids, and fed up of her pryng, threatened to bury her under the concrete for the ramp...she gave up then funnily enough.

p.s you know one of those lights that have a sensor control, so every time one of the kids jumps it flashes on sounds like a good idea....about a million watts if possible....

Cozyflier said...

He He, Sally, I like your idea on the light bulb!!

The 'funny' thing, when Kevin went over to talk with them after the first notice from the city, the husband said, 'we want to keep this neighborly'!!!!
Yeah, right!

Stefunkc said...

Can I come jump on your trampline?

After dark?

With my laptop playing loud music?

With several friends?