Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Faithfully Yours!

Back to vacation photos! Gosh, has it been over a month since we were at Yellowstone National Park? My how time flies. Here are a couple of pics of Old Faithful.
It was awesome, I've always wanted to see it.

But we also enjoyed other geysers in the park. They were a lot of fun, and really breath taking!

This geyser was truly wonderful! Great Fountain spewed for over 30 minutes! AJ was soaked! This was such a fun geyser off the beaten path. I'm sure glad Kev found it on the map and we happened to time it when it was going off!

Well, I could go on forever and bore you with mountains of photos! But lets just say that Yellowstone was definitely worth the time. In fact, we wish we had had more time to explore more of it! We only drove through a fraction of the park. I want to go back!



The Kid In The Front Row said...

You make where I live look boring. Well, where I live is boring.

Stefunkc said...

I loved Yellowstone even better the second time! Did you see the Grand Canyon? The one in Yellowstone?