Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Topsy Turvy World.....

Well, you know life goes on right? I mean, hello! And as my Niece, Stephanie, points out, you all really do need a break from vacation pictures!!! Yes, I'm trying to mix it up and poor Old Faithful, and Mt. Rushmore are going to have to wait.

Why? You ask on pins and needles on the edge of your seat as the suspense builds, aren't you into mysteries????

Because, I'm in total turmoil, chaos, confusion, and any other term you can come up with. Last Friday, 7 AM, Ye Gods! (reference Music Man!), the roofers show up, all day long Pounding, Stomping, and Thumping! But wait, there's more! They had to come back on Saturday!

Then, Monday, the contractor calls, now that the roof is on, we can fix your 3 ceilings and paint your 2 rooms that were damaged in that storm!! Start moving out the small furniture, toys, and get things off the wall!!

So, once again, I've been absent. Below is what my house looks like. Sigh, I just have to tell myself that in the long run it will all be worth it!!!

The pictures aren't in, sorry, no time for that! The sun/game room, AJ's room are the ones with new ceilings and paint. The Guest room only had a small patch in the ceiling!

AJ's toys are in the living room, the pool table is in the dining room along with
a lot of the Wii rock band/drums, and so forth. A book case from the game room that holds medical books and doctor figurines, well the figurines are all over my kitchen table! Dust is everywhere, the cats wanted to pull down the plastic that was hung when they 'shot' the ceilings, and the insurance isn't paying for AJ's bathroom to be painted! I'll have to do his sink/closet area. The kids have a Pullman bath. So my projects just keep coming!

I'll have to do an update on Amelia's room, it is looking very sharp now, and the shower area is shaping up nicely!

So, what's happening in your corner of the world? I've been so far behind in reading your blogs, I may never catch up :( I do think about all my bloggy friends and miss you all much.



~Thought's By Dena~ said...

oh man you have so much going on!!! but soon it will be all done and things will look so good again!!! (HUGZ) to you my friend

Mom said...

YUCK!!! What a mess!! Sorry youare having to deal with all that at once, but it will look great when its done.

vgsmom said...

Oh My Gosh..It's a control freak's mightmare happening to you in real time. Good Luck and a Speedy recovery.

Anonymous said...

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