Wednesday, September 16, 2009


So, I probably would have said exhausted, but AJ is having words of the day and he came home saying fatigued in every other sentence!!!!

Yes, I AM fatigued!!!!!!!

I'm running back and forth to the hospital, thank heavens Kev has been home for 4 days, what a shock.

We worked on rebuilding the shed.... we still have a roof to do. Also, Kevin and I have been painting the fascia and eves of the house where the gutters go, so that the roofing company can put up new gutters! There is blue paint everywhere and I do mean everywhere!! I need another project, right??? Don't know if I'll ever get AJ's dresser and desk stripped, sanded, and spray painted!

The vertical blinds came in for the game/sun room and the living room. The Company messed up and shipped one set incorrectly. That project can't be completed.

Oh, and Mom's sweet dachshund, Elke, can't come to our house because the kitties and she don't get along. So we are running to her house to walk, water, and feed the dog!

Mom was suppose to move to rehab today, if they had a room available. I sure hope the pain subsides and she can start walking.

Thursday we are suppose to finish the roof of the shed and the doors. I really hope we can. The rest of the house outside painting will have to wait to life is less busy. I don't have time to post any pictures. It does look nice if I do say so myself! Pics later!

Kev returns to work tomorrow night, maybe he can teach me to edge the grass before he leaves, I did get it mowed! Man, chores never disappear.

Trying to keep the faith~



~Thought's By Dena~ said...

wow Im tired after reading all of that!!! You are going to be due for a vacation again girl!!! If I was closer Id come give you a hand (hugz)

Anonymous said...

Whoa! I get tired just reading your post. LOL!

vgsmom said...

I think you need a trip to WDW!!