Sunday, September 13, 2009

Love Thy What?

OK, I know I'm suppose to Love Thy Thy Neighbor, and Do Unto Others...., but as you know if you have been reading my blog, I have an obstinate neighbor! We have lived in this house for 15 yrs, this woman has lived next door to us for 14 months.

Please refer to Shed post.

So, I want to show all my blog friends how Kevin and I spent 9-11-09, remembering the bombing of the Twin Towers in NYC. I thought it was ironic when we were Memorializing (word?) the mass DESTRUCTION of 2 ICONS of our culture, Kevin and I were destructing our shed! The husband comes up and says, "wow, it sure is coming down fast"! Kevin, brilliantly says, "Destruction is faster than Creation".

My yard, after the fence has been torn down, the yard tilled, and everything exposed to the public!

Staking out the ground, the shed, at the current size, 10x12' is NOT going to fit in this yard!

We need more muscle to move this wall in 1 piece! It is the only wall we can keep intact and not have to rebuild.

The old concrete from the fence post footing. Great brotherly teamwork!

Digging out the trenches for the runners of the floor railing.

Sorry, but REVENGE is SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not 1 hr after we went from this.....

We started this....

The end result? Lots of HAPPY kids, hooting and hollering, loud music, and jumping higher than the fence line!!! The witch might regret the day she complained about about a roof line that after all we were willing to lower!

This baby isn't going anywhere!!

Happy day!



Stefunkc said...

Crack me up! Has she said anything yet?

Sherri said...

Who is this new neighbor you have and which house does she live in? Is she like older than dirt to be so cranky? I hope she enjoys the joyful sound of laughter from those children having fun on the trampoline!!!!