Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Huckleberry Cafe

Go ahead, tell me I'm crazy right now, I'm waiting! I still have Mt. Rushmore to show you and other 'cool' places that we went and I'm blogging about a cafe? YES, I am!!! This small cafe was one of the best places to eat in Big Sky. If you are ever up there, go to Huckleberry's. Best biscuit & gravy in the world!! This little place is 6 miles down the mountain from all the ski resorts, therefore the prices are more reasonable! But I just fell in love with the atmosphere and kept taking pictures. See for yourself.

Speaks for itself!

OK, the 'bar' was decorated in old skis. I found myself fascinated by this and my mind clicked and took this picture. I'm rather proud of it!

When the cafe is busy and you have to wait for a table, you'll be surprisingly comfortable sitting on the ski bench!!

While waiting for your food, you won't be board, there is plenty to look at, you just have to look in every direction!

Since I've been painting the house and my niece has been glazing everything in sight at her home, this floor really caught my eye!
The ski resort has to make summer income, so ski trails are used for mountain bikes! However, I did find the kind of bike I had as a kid - High handle bars, banana seat, and slick back tire! Amelia and AJ were not impressed by Kevin and I reminiscing!
Someday they will understand!

GREAT food, fun atmosphere, and friendly staff. What more could you want in a place to eat in while on vacation? Try out this little cafe, you'll be glad you did!


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Stefunkc said...

How neat! Wish we'd known about that place when we were there 5 years ago.