Thursday, September 10, 2009

Stay at Home Mom, Really???

OK, I've probably discussed this before, and it is mostly my own fault, however I'm a SAHM who is HARDLY ever home!!! the name escapes me, but there is a Jim Carey movie where he says 'YES' to everything. I need a course to learn to say NO!!!!!

I have board positions on 2 PTA's and 1 on Council. Add school meetings for kids, extracurricular activities, AJ is still begging for Tennis, taking my Mom to the stores and her errands, and yikes! I need a calendar for my calendar!

Kevin was looking in the closet yesterday for a shirt to wear that wasn't a scrub. Most of them needed to be ironed, he said, maybe I should take them with me to some of these slow ER's, I would have more time to iron than you!!!! BLESS HIM!

Can you picture it? The doctor in his little call room with an iron, ironing shirts on the bed and the beeper going off. OR, the headline in the paper, hospital fire started by unattended iron!!!!

Well, I've vented, I'm just tired from 2 weeks of meetings, roofers, and painters.

Kev said it best, I need a T shirt that says, Help, Stop me before I Volunteer Again!



McMGrad89 said...

Ha! I can relate. Just imagine having another full time job on top of all those things that you do. Life does get crazy. I am just glad my husband doesn't like my ironing.

All you young marrieds out there, that is the key. Do such a poor job of ironing, they won't let you touch it. LOL

~Thought's By Dena~ said...

hehe I like the t-shirt idea!!!