Tuesday, June 8, 2010

25 Years of Memories!

6-8-85, Dr. Kevin and Carrie Funk about 5 minutes after being married! Wedding dressed designed and made by my Mom!!

Well unless I find time to start scanning negatives, you aren't going to get the full 25 years, start counting your blessings now! But I have spent some time going through my photo files, and believe me that does take TIME! I have found several of Kevin and myself taken on or around our anniversary. I have discovered that in the last few years I have been very lax about taking pics on the actual date. This will be cured today!!! Just be patient with me, life is hectic at the moment!

Anyway, I wanted to say Happy Anniversary to my Love , you are so special to me. I'm honored that you chose me all those years ago, I've known you 1/2 of my life and look forward to spending the rest of my life with you!

10 yr anniversary! That is Chris and Tyler way up there in the top photo! They were little!

2004, look how little Amelia was!

Corn Maize

20 years, Hawaii!

March 2007, Mexico, the most expensive 'free' trip I ever had. This is the trip that almost killed me, really.

The 4th in Bethany Oklahoma, already 2 years ago. Time is starting to really fly!

So, this one should have been above, sue me! This was in June, 08. My most favorite place, can you guess? WDW, Toontown, in Minnie's yard :-) Celebrating our anniversary a little late.

Niagara Falls, 'nuff said!

Mt. Rushmore '09

We may be a little thicker but I think we have aged well!!

Here's to 75 more years :-) I love you Kevbear!



Amy Harlien said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

Mom said...

Happy Anniversary!! Can't wait to see some cruise pics!! Have a great time.

miruspeg said...

Ahhh what a delightful post Carrie!
I bet you had fun going through all the photos.
Hope you have a wonderful anniversary.
Peggy xxx

Stefunkc said...

Seems like just yesterday I was lighting those candles! Happy Anniversary:c)