Sunday, June 27, 2010

Splish Splash

Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE dolphins. I grew up with Flipper. I still have a stuffed flipper, my bedspread is dolphins, my bedroom/bathroom is dolphins ~ dolphin border wallpaper, when we had the clinic I had an entire wall scape that was dolphins. Do you understand how much I love dolphins?!!!

The family with Missy, the dolphin. The kids enjoyed this.

Kissy kissy! One of the great things about swimming with dolphins, you get lots of love! This was my third time to get to swim with these magnificent creatures and I'd do it a hundred more times! It just keeps getting better!

What an anniversary treat!!

Dancing with the stars of the show!

Missy brought me an anniversary gift!

such a cutie!

Amelia and AJ dancing! The trainers said Amelia was the best dancer!

Tyler had a great time. He actually said the experience was 'awesome'! That is a lot for a an almost 20yr old to say!!

The best for last. This is what the water camera is for! This shot right here! My all time favorite shot, this one, the dolphin giving Tyler a wet kiss!! I LOVE this!
So at this point in time I don't care what that water camera cost, it was worth it's weight in gold!

I would like to thank Dolphin Encounter in Nassau, Bahamas. They did a great job and also allowed me to use my camera in the water. In the past other places have not allowed me to use a disposable water camera. We bought the video and love watching it.

If you are going to the Bahamas, you can contact Dolphin Encounter at 242/363-1003
Fax 242/363-4437

This was my favorite excursion :-)


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