Tuesday, June 22, 2010

All Aboard!

Disney has this down to a science. Getting your IDs checked, getting your Key to the world, having a member of the family park the car, easy smeasy! We arrived nice and early and we received boarding group 12! We got on the boat nice and early! Lunch and pool was the order of business. We had to kill 15 minutes until the stateroom would be ready. This cruise was a learning experience for a lot of things! But we had a blast!

The family with Goofy :-)

Oops!! No pics going through security!!!!

I loved the floor in the terminal while we were waiting to board. Dolphins are always a good omen!!

If I had the ability to put an arrow in the picture I could show you our cabin in the model!

Ready to get on board the Disney Wonder!

Our Stateroom. The sofa makes a bed, and there are 2 Murphy beds in the wall, one above the sofa and one in the far corner!

Looking out from the veranda!

It is looking like fun times ahead!



McMGrad89 said...

Hey, great pictures. If you are working on a PC/windows platform, you have PAINT which is just a simple drawing tool. Nothing fancy. You can open your picture in PAINT and then draw an arrow and save it. See if it works.

Cozyflier said...

Thanks Ann Marie, I am using a Mac!