Thursday, June 24, 2010


So, (I love starting the blog like we are in the middle of a conversation!) we did a lot or research for this cruise! I did learn that you should book excursions through Disney, safer that way. Disney sends you a book of info and a date when everyone can start booking the excursions. Boy, do they sell out quickly!

Anyway, for Key West, they offered SNUBA, a cross between snorkel and SCUBA. This sold out quickly and I couldn't get all 5 of us. Tyler has a bad ear and probably couldn't have enjoyed this event. I didn't want to leave him on the ship alone. Kev really wanted to go SCUBA diving, but we never got certified, and I wasn't that 'in' to it. I booked Kev and the kids for this! I sent them with the water camera. Kev told the truth about his past medical history and wasn't allowed to do, so he only snorkeled :-(

Here are the pictures he took of the kids having fun!

Ready to go into the water. This is the raft they will be tethered to. They wear oxygen but have a cable instead of a tank! But, when you get 4 or 5 people on the same raft, when 3 of them go 1 direction, the rest of them go too!

Amelia and the hoses!

AJ in bubbles!

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish!!
Gotta love this underwater Camera....

Time to get out and head back to the ship! That was fun!!


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