Monday, June 21, 2010

NASA, what a BLAST!

We got down to port Canaveral early. I wasn't going to miss my ship!! Also, it was the perfect chance to take the kids to NASA. Tyler hadn't been there since he was 3, so we had a great time seeing how things had changed.

I wish it didn't take blogger so long to upload pictures. It has taken me forever to do this blog!

Wow, Tyler actually posed for a picture!!! He is on the far R, better look at him now because you won't see him much, I had to try and sneak pics, and usually got his back, or side of his head!

While on the bus to go out to the launchpad viewing stand, this piece of equipment passed us on the road! It was some kind of Heat tile piece! Very Cool!!! Not an every day happening! It was from the recent shuttle launch, so glad I had my camera ready :-)

Looking West

Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB)

We got to go up to top of a viewing platform and that is as close to the launchpads as the public is allowed to go. The view was quite nice!

When you look East you get to see Launch Pad A the main launch pad sight.

The stairwells are in the center of the viewing deck. This engine hangs in the center so you can see it from all angles!!

Amelia and AJ look East!

Looking down on the engine

Kev and Tyler examine the engine

I tried to get every angle!

Looking up from the bottom!

Front of the VAB

Mission Control as it looked when Neil Armstrong walked on the Moon in 1969!

AJ with my hero, Snoopy! Just love that dog!!

Lunar Lander

Touching a Moon rock!

The constellation sphere plaza, was fun, the kids got to turn this big sphere!

The Moon Tree... The seedling went all the way to the moon and came back and then was planted here at NASA!

E.T. Phone Home!!!

The rocket garden!

Touching history! AJ was willing to pose for any picture! Being able to walk on the arm that Astronauts walked on that went to the Moon was really neat!

This was Alan Sheperd's capsule, AJ was named after Alan Sheperd, and John Glen, he really enjoyed NASA!

You could spend a lot more time at NASA, but we didn't have it. We just scratched the surface!


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McMGrad89 said...

Definitely looks like an out of this world experience. LOL

I know what you mean about slow picture loading.