Monday, July 12, 2010

Don't Rain on our Parade!

If you've been reading my blog you know we spent the holiday in OKC, well, Bethany!  The annual Parade wasn't 100*  It was overcast and misty with a few peaks of sunshine!

Me and Stephanie! I had to put my flags somewhere! Also, I was trying to distract from the naturally curly mess atop my head!

Every parade has the obligatory police cars, mustangs, corvettes, boy scouts, politicians, and fire trucks, but I loved this old fire truck!

However, the main reason we go and watch the parade is for these guys. I call them the Inflate-A-Gang!

Ninja Ballerina Ashley, Doc carried the candy, Sumo AJ, Reagan as a Unicorn, Lead Ballerina Shawn ~ AKA crazy ballerina, and Kenndy as Disco Clown (kind of hidden)

Amelia the smiley ballerina, and the rest of the inflatables!

About 5 minutes after this the rain picked up. Our cameras has been put away, and we decided to go to the car. Then the rain really came down. Normally the parade walkers have a car at the fair grounds or walk home. This year we decided we'd better rescue them.

A bunch of soggy kids!

And some soggy husbands! Thank goodness Stephanie drives a big car.

So, did you enjoy your local parade?



McMGrad89 said...

That's funny. I've never seen the sumos in a parade before. LOL

I have also written about the two parades we have attended this summer, one for the corn fest and one for Independence Day which took place on the 3rd of July - whose bright idea was that?

Stefunkc said...

What a day! My car still smells damp:)