Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Please Help, Please Share

It is now July 20th.  In 1 month I have to sign re-commitment papers for the 1/2 marathon for Leukemia Lymphoma Society  (LLS).   I'm suppose to raise $3,500.00  I've mailed out letters, sent out e-mails, and still I'm only to 30% of my goal.

If you have donate to this cause, I THANK you from the bottom of my heart.  If you have been waiting, NOW is the time to act!  I know times are tough, but I can NOT afford to have $2,400.00 charged to my credit card, although LLS is a very worth while cause.

Please take a moment and look at my fund raising page ~

If you have a few dollars to spare, please make a donation.  If you know someone who has suffered from Leukemia or Lymphoma pass this page to them, PLEASE!!

I've been training, not as regularly as I should but I know I can do this.  I've just been stuck in the same place on the $$ amount for quite awhile.  I need to know I have support.

Thank you to those who have supported me and THANK YOU to those who will.



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