Thursday, July 8, 2010

You Have to Have CHARACTER!

Well, you knew it was coming didn't you?!? Come on, what is a Disney Cruise without Disney Character photos, right? So, here they are!!

Now, the one up above is my favorite. The professional photographer posed Amelia, then they digitally added Tinkerbell, her favorite!

Here is the family, well, not Tyler, with Mickey! I think Mickey is so cute in his shorts and tennies!!!

1,2,3, AWE!!! Look at Daisy, she is precious!

ARGH! Everyone's favorite pirate, Captain Jack! And look in the background, and see what you spy!

This is a picture that Mickey MADE the photographer take! While on the USS Alabama AJ found this Capt. hat and asked if he may have it. Well, what was $2.99? He brought it on the ship and it was an instant hit! When captain Mickey saw it he loved it, and he wanted a picture ALONE with just the Captains! I love this picture!

Surprise! We have camera shy Tyler in a picture! ONLY because Captain Jack threatened to make him walk the plank!

Here is Pluto! Just ignore this picture! I was in mid sentence! Oh, and I must add that on this entire trip my naturally curly hair was wild, no taming was coming to it!

Now, look at the effort that went into this picture! I love this. The photographer got this in 3, count em 3 attempts! I'm impressed. (wish I had removed his socks!)
But to get AJ in mid air with the hat in perfect placement is amazing to me! So I have a special shot of the 2 youngest from this cruise. I love Disney!!

Or could you tell that??


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