Friday, July 9, 2010

Small World

Annemarie, Peggy, and Me :-))))

Who would have thunk? I started this blog 18 months ago, at the urging of Stephanie, my precious niece. I've made many 'cyber' friends because of my blog and I love you all dearly. I think about each of you often and wonder what you are doing when your blogs are absent.

However, I digress, I do that, have you noticed? Anyway, through this miracle of cyber space blogging and facebook, 2 fellow bloggers and myself actually got to meet in real life!!! I was so excited. Especially since, Peggy lives in Australia. What are the chances of me getting to meet a sweet lovely lady that I have grown fond of and developed a friendship with over the internet when she lives on the other side of the world? I mean, really! My fun little airplane isn't going to cross that MUCH water!

Annemarie lives across the great state of Texas. Getting across the state to see college friends is a miracle, so being able to meet these 2 women was such a blessing.

We set up a meeting place, Abilene, TX. About equi-distant for both of us Texans as possible. Amelia, AJ, Ashley (neighbor ~ adopted daughter :-) ), and myself take off and 9:30 and drive to Abilene. Kev got called into work, imagine that! Thank heavens for GPS on the phones, I would have been so lost.

We had a great lunch at Abuelo's and a better time visiting and getting to know each other for 'real'!

Thanks Annemarie for driving to Abilene, and thanks Peggy for taking time out of your holiday to meet little old me! Love ya both bunches. Hugs, xxx


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McMGrad89 said...

It was a great time. Let's do it again sometime.