Monday, July 26, 2010

Midair Antics!

I had a chance while we were in Bethany to get lots of photos of people jumping off the diving board! Going through the pictures has been fun, thought I'd share.

Kick ball while jumping?!? AJ looks like he having a good time.

Reagan gives it a shot!

OUCH! Ashley does a belly flop!

Who wants to be a super heroine?

Kennedy dives in uniquely!

Kevin shows good form!

Steven does a frog dive!

I have more but I think you get the idea.



McMGrad89 said...

Those came out great, especially the first kickball shot and the jumping through (with) hoops picture.

Jeanette said...

Great action shots. Looks like everyone was enjoy diving into the pool. If you are experiencing heat like we are here in Kentucky, it HAD to feel great!!! I enjoy seeing your pictures, it is nice to see a family having fun together!!