Sunday, July 19, 2009

Painting, painting, and more painting!

Howdy y'all! Well, I've learned at least one thing this past week, don't paint a room/bath area 4 colors, you spend all your time cleaning brushes and rollers!!!!!!!!

Amelia decided that she wanted her room Pink and Brown, OK, her comforter is that color combo. That will work. But then she wanted to throw in LIME GREEN, her favorite color!! Oh no, what would Kevin say? How about a few accent items? I strongly suggested to my daughter, curtains, bathroom sink stuff in green? NO, was the resounding result I received! Not wanting to be an unreasonable Mom, we looked at paint colors. She picked a pretty green. OK, how about just a little in your bath area? That she was happy with. Then over 4th of July, my niece offers me a gallon of leftover blue from her recent redo of her daughter's room!!! Oh, Amelia was excited now. She was going to have the same color as her cousins! Which brings me to my original statement, don't paint with 4 colors!!!! Not when you are trying to get a room done in 1 week before company!

Also, I suggest not painting over wallpaper! After having to prime it all with OIL paint, I HATE oil paint, it would have been worth my time to tear it all down. NO, it wouldn't have required a steamer! So, look below and see all the fun I've been having and why I've been MIA!

Semi before picture! Some of the furniture has been removed, but you can see the wallpaper!

This picture is a little out of order! Doing the green in the bath area. Wall behind me is primed.

Rolling the 1st coat of brown. Amelia did the pink!


Cutting in!

The blue and green. The kids have a Pullman bath, so each has a vanity in their room! The green is growing on me!

When I walk into Amelia's room now, I feel like a Neapolitan ice cream!

Found a shower curtain with the correct colors deeply discounted, covered her bulletin board, and have enough fabric to make some throw pillows!

Just love the fact that Hobby Lobby had items to match our colors at %50 off!

Amelia has gone from a baby girls room to a Teeny Bopper's in 1 week! Now to finish sanding the furniture and spray painting and get everything else up on the walls. The curtains look FAB! I'll have to get a picture of them.

I'll be working on stuff, if I don't get put on a Jury Wednesday!! Yikes!



Stefunkc said...

Love it! Of course you know which color is my favorite:)

Sally's World said...

it was hard work i bet, but worth it...i hate painting rooms/walls, i get in such a mess!I wear more than i get on the walls!

~Thought's By Dena~ said...

if it helps its looking fantabluous!!!!

Mom said...

I love the room. I had pink walls as a chhild, first a pal pink them a neon pink....that one about killed everyone when they walked in.