Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I think I'm in love again! My water camera is amazing! Videos capture sound under water that I didn't know existed! Reflections things happening in the pool that you can capture with a water safe camera are just so much fun. Oh, and how the kids loved playing with the camera! IS that camera SAFE in the water? This was the question I was asked over and over this 4th of July weekend by all the kids in the pool. Then the kids wanted to try it. Oh to see the pictures!

My niece, Stephanie, and I laughed so hard one night as we downloaded all my pictures to her computer. As she lives in Bethany, OK and we live in Lubbock, it makes life easier to share photos while you are at the home of the relative!

OK, I know, enough babbling! You want to see photos, right? Well, here goes! Warning, go to the bathroom now, I will not be held responsible for your chair, sofa, or whatever else you may be sitting on!

Now that you've had a laugh, how about some fun, neat shots? I may even try my hand at a video before this is said and done!

Well, I tried to upload a video and it didn't work. I'll try again another day.



Stefunkc said...

Such a blast!

Mom said...

LOL!! I think I need another new camera!! :-) Looks like fun!!

Tiffany Young said...

Love the pics they turned out so cute. I wish I could take cool pictures they always look "cheesy"!!!