Wednesday, July 29, 2009

We Got Left Behind!

Hello to Carrie's readers. This is Gizmo, Amelia's kitten, and R2-D2, AJ's kitten along with Chris' kitties - Corelia and Talus. We are in Lubbock at home, Chris is house sitting and going to work. We have learned how to use the computer while we lay on lap tops and watch them type and play games!

Carrie and our pets are off gallivanting across the country having fun while we are left at home, bored.

We thought we would do a post to let you know that Carrie will be back with lots of pictures of cool things they did while in Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana. Bet they don't bring us any presents either!

Take care, I heard Chris say he's going to be here until the 5th of August, so the 4 of us kitties are going to have fun playing pool, batting toys around, and sleeping.

Hang in there.
The Funk Kittens!


Stefunkc said...


Sally's World said...

i always suspected the cats got up to all sorts while we were away lol!

~Thought's By Dena~ said...

hehe too cute!!! have a great time cant wait to see the pics and hear all about will be passing by me Im over on Nebraska!!