Thursday, July 23, 2009

Something's Wrong.....

We are leaving town Sunday for a 12 day trip. I haven't started packing! You are talking to the woman who usually packs a month before a trip! I'm use to shipping trunks when we fly and they have to leave a week ahead of time, so I'm really use to having things done early.

However, doing Amelia's room has re-set my focus and caring for Mom. Time is flying by and all of a sudden it hit me, we leave in 4 days and I'm no where near ready!

No piles of clothes set aside, no snacks for the car, no movies for the car picked out, laundry hasn't been run to the end of the earth, and I don't know exactly where the suitcases are!

Guess I better start thinking Montana, Medical conference for Kev, Yellowstone park, and Mt. Rushmore. Oh, and 4 hours with a National Geographic Photographer! Maybe that will inspire me to get in gear and get ready to go!


~Thought's By Dena~ said...

oh better get busy only have 4 days !!!!!!

vgsmom said...

Just remember there is always a Wal-Mart(or something). I bet you can pack with your eyes closed. Good Luck!