Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Happy 19th Tyler

Wow, Can't believe that 19 years ago I gave birth to my second son, Tyler. He has now moved to Oklahoma and is ready to start college. He has also become camera shy which amazes me because when he was little he would light up when he saw a camera!

My computer is still out of commission so I don't have a big selection of pictures to go through, aren't you lucky! But I'll look and see what pictures of his 'hand' I captured over 4th of July weekend!

These may actually be pictures that Stephanie took, now I seem to have a missing flash drive! I can't find anything in the mess that I have while painting Amelia's bedroom! Heaven Help me. Anyone want to come paint??!

See ya'll someday!!!



Stefunkc said...

Awww, such perfect pictures:c) He had quite a different birthday this year as compared to last year. But he was surrounded by family and had his favorite Crock Pot Lasagna!

Sally's World said...

camera shy!!! how the time flies tho, so hard to see them grow up and fly the nest! xxx

~Thought's By Dena~ said...

well when my oldest(21) gets his picture taken by me he is always flipping me off!!!! grrrrr hehe oh and Ill help you paint if you come help me paint!!