Thursday, June 4, 2009

Shed Building 101 Part 2!

Building goes faster if you don't have to redo everything! Come Saturday morning, we discovered that the wall of the shed next to the house was going to be to tall, the roof of the shed would hit the roof of the house!

Solution? Cut all the walls down by 4 inches (I think it was)!!!

Seventh step, place roof beam, so you can do rafters and rafter ties. The new motto became measure 4 times cut twice!!!! Thank heavens, our friend Mike came over to help. Shawn had to go back to OKC. Kevin looks happy, but he's scared of heights!

Eighth, siding and eaves! It is beginning to shape up! Starting to look like something. Unfortunately, the hammering never ends, my forearm is soooo sore it hurts to type!!!!

ninth, roofing~ What a job. Even with a broken coccyx, Stephanie was on top of the shed, helping to nail in the roof!

I have been so tired and sore since the weekend. Sunday night I sat down on the sofa and laid back, I was asleep in 30 seconds!!!! We were talking about a movie, they all went, I slept!

We still have 1 side to complete, 2 small panels and 2 doors, also install the window. I'm suppose to paint the shed this week, but the rains keep coming!

The shingles are going to be done by the roofers when we get our new roof after horrible Hail

Wish me luck with painting and finishing this project if Kevin ever gets back in town! June is going to be a crazy month.



~Thought's By Dena~ said...

looks like its moving right along..and I seen you with a go girl!!!!!

Stefunkc said...

Wow! It looks so easy when you're looking at the pictures. But I was there and I can tell everyone it was hard work! But still fun:c)