Thursday, January 6, 2011

Power Shopping!

We are in San Antonio for a Continuing Medical Education course for Kevin.  S.A. of course is just 25 minutes from San Marcos!!  For those of you not from this area, San Marcos has a Huge, and I mean H-U-G-E outlet mall.  Actually, 2 malls.  Tanger on one side and Prime on the other side!!  And man has it grown in 7 years time! 

So, Kev is in meetings all day, what is a girl to do?  Well, shopping comes to mind!  And when there is a bargain to be found, you can be sure I'm the one to find it!  Bargain hunter is my middle name.  I seldom pay retail for anything not food related.

When Kevin said I could have $X for a budget and go play for the day or day and a half that he was in meetings and get things that we needed I was like, cool!  So, that is what I did today!

15 stores in 6.5 hours!  Going through the stores, trying on stuff for me,  hunting sizes for the family, and seeing what was available.

Side note, I would like to say Coach purses and the Dooney & Burke purses are absolutely ridiculous in price!  1/2 price of asinine is still asinine!!  Needless to say, I'm not ever going to have one of those handbags.  Oh, $98 for a wallet, $54 for a coin purse!!!  Could you fit $54 of coins into it?!?  Those companies can keep their products, in my money conscious opinion!

I'm thinking of exploring Fredericksburg, TX on Friday, tomorrow!  That is a wonderful town.  Haven't been there in 7 years either.  Kevin doesn't have to worry too much.   I can't afford all the neat antiques :-0

Have a great weekend, I'm not getting pictures, although this J.W. Marriott is beautiful.


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Amy Harlien said...

Have fun!!! We stay at the JW Marriot in S.A. this past sumer with Kate!! It was awesome!! We love the water park!