Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Talent, not Photoshopped!

Yesterday was GLORIOUS in Lubbock! After a week of stinking cold dreary weather, we hit 72* AND it was a holiday! After Kevin recovered from a night in the ER, we took the kids to the the park for a modern day picnic lunch (Arbys)! Then, we played in the park! I was inspired to take pictures, we were at what the kids call the spider web park. While we were eating, I told the kids I had an idea for a photo I wanted to take. I'm in Love with the results! You have to understand, I don't have Photo Shop!

Copyright by Carrie Funk 2011
I love the light coming off AJ's face, I love the reflection in the slide, I love the unusual angle!
Copyright by Carriefunk 2011
An hour later the sun had moved.  Amelia has a hurt knee and couldn't get down real low on the slide!  Notice how she has 3 reflections!  Interesting, I thought!

Anyway, I just wanted to share what I thought were 2, well at least 1 great photo! Every once in awhile I get an inspiration and it comes to fruition. I'm happy! It has been awhile since I've taken what I consider a real great photo :-) Remember, I don't have high dollar, fancy camera, expensive lens, nor photo shop!


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Anonymous said...

i love the picture of me!!!!!!! i love you mom!