Friday, January 14, 2011

Amelia Turned 14!

Gosh, I'm late, but I left town right after Amelia's birthday, and I just got the pictures uploaded!

Where does time go? In more ways than one! Seems like yesterday.... Oh well, my little girl isn't so little anymore. Because she and DAD get to go to Europe for Spring Break, Christmas and B-day were kept small! But here are some shots from her special day!

She chose Applebee's for her dinner!

A pic of Amelia and me that I like!

Dad picked out makeup for her! Think she was excited? She also gets a lesson in how to apply it as soon as we go to Dillard's!

This is funny, I picked out a small digital camera with a flip screen so she can frame all her self portraits! She got REALLY excited on this one. She was flinging her legs up and down in the air! Now she has her own camera for the Europe trip!

And the cake!

I think she had a great 14th birthday! :-)


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Stefunkc said...

Loving her cute hairdo!