Thursday, January 20, 2011


My rage for the US Congress has me searching for words tonight. If you don't want Obamacare you will have to pay an excise tax to the Federal Government UNLESS you qualify for an exemption:


1. You are in Prison

2. If you have ANY Indian ancestry at all (Native American??)

3. If you feel it is against your Religion: Islamic; Christian Scientist; Jewish

4. If you are an ILLEGAL ALIEN living in the USA

REALLY??? Why would we pass a LAW with an exemption for Illegal aliens?????? They are breaking the law being here, but are exempt from paying taxes ~ still get free health care! Go Figure! Please share this.

Can we recall the entire US Congress? Aren't the people we elect to vote Bills into law suppose to READ them before they vote them into law?

Most people that know me know I'm not overly political. But, COME ON! This is absolutely crazy. I really thought I lived in the USA!


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