Monday, December 13, 2010

Birthday Treadmill

Everything fell on December 4th this year!  Chris' demo day for his project lab, build a 'robotic' pong player, that we have been working on all semester was that day!  Nicholas, our little friend was having his 4th birthday party that day, and my 50th birthday was this day.  YIKES!!

We had a very busy, fun, and surprising day! Let me show you....

Nick & Amelia at Chuckie Cheese's

Kev surprised me with a birthday dinner with LOTS of friends!

Broke my OTB boycott!  5 months of not eating here!!!

Nick and his Daddy, Dustin!

A dolphin cake, and I just noticed, the salsa containers make a Mickey!!!

My LOVE :-)

OH BOY!  A mixer!!  I can make cookies and breads!

It was a wonderful birthday!


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