Thursday, December 30, 2010

Cookie Baking

My friend Donna, D on the apron, has a Santa cookie party every year for the kids! Parents can stay or they can go shop without eyes!! This year was crazy fun! Each kid gets a small amount of cookie dough and gets to roll it out and make cookies, then they get to decorate them. This year they also decorated the plastic plates with stamps.

Andrew, Ashley, and Donna.

Connie, Auria, & Ellyssa ready to decorate.

Amelia, Elyssa, Auria decorate plates!

Yes, I made cookies!

More kids cutting!
ET3 Oliver made it to the party!  She didn't make cookies, didn't want to get that uniform dirty!

Ellyssa and Mary

Auria decorates her cookies!

Donna's party was on a Saturday. I had colored cookie dough from a school fundraiser. So on Monday before Christmas, several kids gathered at my house for more cookie making! I think more raw cookie dough was consumed than made, but Santa had plenty of cookies!

Colored cookie dough!

Elyssa rolls out red!

AJ's molten earth cookie!

Kenzie's blue tongue from blue dough!

Since Kenzie is in the Navy, she is making a ship cookie!

Do you make sugar cookies at Christmas? I didn't get adventurous with the decorating this year. I didn't have time. I've been following some baking blogs and love how you can make cookies look like works of art, but I'm not that talented yet!