Thursday, December 2, 2010

This Old House

Today is a special Anniversary!  Today is the day we bought our home.  Yep, 18 years ago today we signed the papers and took on the scariest mortgage of our lives!  It was the best 'birthday' present a girl could ask for!  (My birthday is in 2 days)

When we moved in, this house was huge, spacious, and roomy. 18 years later it is crammed to the rim and over flowing! We had 2 kids when we bought the house, we had 2 more over time for a total of 4! The house is 4 bedrooms and a small basement. Yes, the kids have shared rooms, used the 1 room basement as a bedroom and today I even have a guest room/storage room! 2 Kids have moved out, for college!

We've repaired, painted, and fixed things. Complained about things and I've dreamed and schemed about how I might change things in this house, but I really do love this old house and after all it is our home!

Happy Anniversary to our home :-)


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McMGrad89 said...

Well, happy anniversary. I love the front door.