Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Welcome Home Kenzie!

Our dear friends, the Olivers, oldest daughter, Kenzie, went into the Navy last April. She left for boot camp at a mere 17, yes she is a smart young girl, graduated from HS an all. She is going through nuclear engineer school. Life has been tough and it has been a long 8 months since we have seen our 'daughter'! My family just grows and grows! But, Dec. 18 is when leave started. That's what the military calls vacation! We drove out to the airport. Kelly and the girls had made posters, and we welcomed Kenzie home with whoops and hollers!

It is so much fun to see how this young girl has grown, and we are honored that she has spent so much of her precious time with us :-)

Congrats ET3 Oliver!

Elyssa sister, Amelia, Ashley, Kelly ~Mom. Waiting for Kenzie

AJ and Philip ~ Dad in this picture!

There she is!

That is one happy MOM!!!

I think Elyssa missed her big sister!

Sister Taelor gets a hug!

From the airport we went to Donna's to make Santa Cookies, but that is another post!


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