Wednesday, December 29, 2010

It was a RISKY Day/Night!

What happens when dad gets a day off and actually wasn't wiped out the day before in the ER? Family game day!!! And if this family isn't playing Tripoly, then its playing RISK! Chris had popped in so that was extra nice! I was taking down Christmas, getting ready for NYE. Kevin, Chris, Amelia, and AJ went to war!
here is what that looked like:

After RISK, everyone felt bad that I hadn't played, so I got drafted into STAR WARS RISK!!!!!! We play teams in this one, because I need help explaining what force power is best to use when! I'm an old dog, hard to teach new tricks to! Chris and I were the Republic, Kevin and AJ were the Empire! It was touch and go, the dice were not kind to Chris and myself. The Empire got a much better foothold than they should have!

Here we are playing:

However, even after, Order 66 by the Empire, the Republic pulled it out!! That's right, Chris and I won! We were left with 2 measly planets and my turn was last. The dice finally favored me and I captured The Emperor! Like I said, it was a Risky day/night!!

Hope you and your family have been enjoying your holiday break together!


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McMGrad89 said...

Fun! We played Rummikub every night. I loved it.