Friday, February 11, 2011

Another Countdown or 2 or 3!

Just 7 days and we will be in Red River, NM! Why, you ask? Knowing how I feel about snow and cold! Well, Kevin and the kids, and when I say kids, I mean all FOUR kids want to ski!!!!!! So, we will head to the slopes. Usually I shop, peruse the local digs, and take lots of pictures. However, since I will be going to WDW in March, I will be saving my $$$ for Disney!! So, I'm taking my computer, a good book, and of course the camera! I will sit inside the lodge, watch them warm up on the bunny slope, take my pictures, send the water camera with them which is freeze proof to 10*, and find a fireplace to sit by!

I just found these really nice books at Barnes and Nobel. They are leather bound, gilt edge, and have multiple titles in one book. For example, Jane Austin is 'Seven Novels'. I just finished re-reading 'Pride & Prejudice'. There are 6 other titles in this book and I'm looking forward to reading many of them. I also bought leather bound Sherlock Holmes, I use to read Holmes in junior high. There are 6 or 7 novels in this book also. The best part, these books are only $19.98! I'm hoping to find the Jules Verne book for Kevin, I think he would enjoy that one.

Anyway, I digress. This week will be spent getting ready for the trip. The house sitter is lined up, so R2-D2 and Gizmo will be happy, Chris has a friend watching his place, and I think all the ski gear still fits the kids! That will have to be checked this weekend.

We know that with all the wild weather Red River has received abundant snow, so I know the gang will have a blast and I can already hear the stories of AJ zooming down the mountain and jumping small moguls!

Pray for no broken bones or blown knees. (That is another reason I don't ski)

7 busy days ahead, lots of laundry, lists to be checked and double checked. Oh how I dread packing.  The X-cargo will have to be put on the van, with 6 of us going and all the ski stuff we will need all the space in the van!  The trip should be fun.  Haven't seen Tyler since Halloween.  After we get back home it will only be a couple weeks ~

Then it will be final prep for Amelia and Kev to go to Europe! Wow, the time has gone by fast. It was a year ago that we started planning for their Spring Break trip!

While Kevin and Amelia go to Europe, I will be in Florida as I mentioned above, we had vacation points that had to be used, so AJ and I will spend break at my happy place! Be forewarned! By the end of March this blog could turn seriously Disney!

For now, happy weekend!


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