Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Baby Its COLD Outside!

While most of the country is digging out from the latest blizzard, I'm trying to dig under blankets! I live in TX, it is suppose to be mild in the winter, not -9*!!!
Baby its COLD outside!!! Yes we got some snow and ice, not much, we have more wind and cold than anything. It was enough to wreak havoc with roads and cause a snow day for schools, AMAZING! The University canceled classes until noon.

I grew up in Chicago, and I kept moving South to get away from the cold. I went to Oklahoma State University, I stayed in OK. I married, and Kev and I lived in Oklahoma! We have lived in Texas for 18 years. I don't like the cold! I want warm weather back, and yes, I remember the HEAT of last summer and I did NOT complain! I'm tired of bundling up and I really think I'm part bear. I'm hibernating more and more during the winter months. I'm serious. Getting out in this cold is a real chore. There are days that I only take kids to school and pick them up!

Come on summer, bring back warm weather! In the mean time you can find me under the blankets.....

Dreamin' of Summer :-)



McMGrad89 said...

Yes!! It's CRAZY Cold!!!

Stefunkc said...

I LOVE it! I love being trapped at home eating warm foods, curled up in blankets, with no where to be. I hate hot weather!