Wednesday, February 16, 2011

How Did I Vacation Plan BEFORE the Internet?!?

I'm not OCD, but I do like to be prepared for vacations, ESPECIALLY Disney World. Come on, anyone who has been there will tell you, there is SOOOO much to do, that a well laid out plan is really a MUST!

As you may know, we are Disney Vacation Club members (DVC) similar to a time share only way better. So, we get points to use and that averages going about every 2 years. We have points that if we didn't use we would loose. (I don't know how to sell them!) I'm planning a quick Spring Break trip for AJ and myself.

I just spent the other day going over the web site getting the times of the park openings and closings, the extra magic hours, (we stay on property) the 'E' Night as Disney now calls it, then figuring out what days we will do what parks, and making a couple of dining reservations.

But this got me to thinking. This can be a dangerous thing! How on earth did I ever plan out how to do this before the wonderful world of internet? I just don't remember! Disney has a great trip planner on the internet, you can even make customized maps. Purchase tickets, dining reservations, even book your room ~ course I have to do through DVC!

I know that with Park Hopper tickets you can go from Park to Park, but I like to plan my 'attack' per se! I like to get to the park that is going to open an hour early, get the big rides ridden, enjoy a few hours of fun, and when say the MK starts getting busy at 10:30, go get a character breakfast. Then, go back and enjoy the rest of the day. Or, if the kids get tired, we can always go to the condo around 4, rest, eat dinner in the condo, and then go back to the park that is going to be open late! Closing down the MK until 2am is a unique memory!

Now I know I'm a Disney fanatic, but stop and think, you can book ANY vacation and get all the same info with the internet. So, back to the my original question, how did I ever plan a vacation before the internet???

I've used the internet to plan the ski trip just as much, although skiing is a little easier, I don't have to figure out what we are going to do each day! All of the family, except me will go up the mountain each day and ski!

Do you use the internet for vacation planning? Do you remember planning pre-internet?



McMGrad89 said...

I feel the same way. If you had seen Peggy and my travel plans (sites to see places to stay and eat) you would be gobsmacked. I wouldn't have been able to do that if there wasn't the internet. It would have taken tons of travel books instead. I don't think I have ever been on a trip where I need so much planning. We usually visit family or friends and they plan local outings to do.

McMGrad89 said...

I do know that my dad used to pull out the maps and the Best Western Guide to hotels. Then we had all of the State travel guides and we would plan everything we wanted to see through that. I used to do this with my students, but it almost seems irrelevant now with the internet.

McMGrad89 said...

Sorry one more: You will get a kick out of this story.