Friday, February 25, 2011

More Ski Views!

Like I stated in my earlier post, every time we I-chatted or texted I was reminding the family to take pictures! Luckily Amelia listens to me, that's my girl. I just love this picture below, definitely a neat perspective of the front of a restaurant.

Timbers Steakhouse

The ever shy Tyler!  AJ being silly and a wind burnt Kevin!

The bridge that crosses the river on property of the Alpine Lodge

I wish they had taken more pics on this bridge, but one is all I got! I won't complain.

Tyler comes down from the lift!
I love top of the mountain pictures. Since I don't ski, I never get to see it up there!

Yep, Chris on his butt!

Oh No!  Jaws has come to the mountains!!
Apparently, the lift operator is a budding sculptor ~ this is an 'igloo' work of art! I heard on the phone that there was a monster at the top of the mountain, but I thought it looked like jaws!

By the lower lodge


What's a ski trip without a fire and S'mores?

I figured we'd have the cabin that they did have. Remember, I was suppose to go on this trip. Amelia and AJ asked me to get makings for S'mores. So, I had. There aren't pictures of the S'mores, or the disposable marshmallow skewers, but they did make them :-) The trip was a complete success!

If I get a few spare hours, maybe I'll upload another video! Why it takes so dang long to upload a video I don't know! But hey, it worked!


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