Saturday, October 13, 2012

Kellog's Gymnastic's Tour

If the Kellog's Gymnastics Tour comes to your city, Run to the ticket office!! It is amazing! Now, let me remind you that my family is the least sports oriented family around. But this summer we watched the Olympics and really got into it! When I saw that the gymnast's were coming to Lubbock I asked Amelia, my daughter, if she would like to see them? She said YES! I remember seeing Yoga Korbet in Chicago back in like '72 when I was 12! Anyway, this show is 1 hour 40 minutes of dancing, music, and performances that are thrilling! I think my favorite part was Tron battle between 2 gymnasts on the trampolines. It was impressive! So, here are a few pictures. My only comment is that it would have been nice if during the show they would have announced who was performing when! Most of the time there were many people. But Gabby, Aly, and Jordan each performed individually but they didn't tell us which one! So forgive me for not labeling pictures!

 The areana

 The gymnasts are coming out!
 This might be Jordan


 glad my workout doesn't involve this!
 This is how the men demonstrated the pumel horse.  Guess the arena was too small?

Aly or Jordan?!?

The Tron battle, set to the battle scene music.  Just amazing!!!!!!

 I can't believe how long he can hold her with one hand!!!!

 John Orozco




 The Gold Medal Team!

 The Men!

These athletes were amazing. The show was impressive with laser lights, music, dancing, gymnastics, showmanship, talent, fog, skill, I could go on but I think you get the idea! This show is worth the effort to see! I took a bunch more picturs than what I posted. Ireally tried to limit what I put on here!!

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