Friday, October 5, 2012

Disney From A Bird's Eye View!

Yes, I realize most people fly into Orlando commercially and may get to see WDW from the air. But Kevin and I fly in our little Cozy MK 4 and fly into Kissimme and that takes you right over the world. It is at this point I wish I could move around in our plane just a little more so I could get all kinds of pics! But I did some I would like to share. Now, let me explain why we were over the World!! We were heading down to Port Canaveral for a Disney Cruise. We used our DVC points to take a cruise with our niece and her husband for Kevin's birthday. The DVC member cruise fell during his birthday week. What a lucky co-winky dink!!! As luck would have it, George and Andrea, were going to Florida to watch the Endeavor fly on the 747 to CA. So if they went down a day early we could all meet up and hang together in Downtown Disney!!!! SWEET!!!!!!! Andrea's favorite holiday is Halloween, so we had to attack the Halloween things at World of Disney! OK, have you ever seen Disney from this perspective? 700' above ground level?

This is the Contemporary and Bay Lake Tower.  You can also see Space Mt.  Please forgive the blur at the bottom, that is the edge of the airplane.  If you read my previous post you will see the canopy come down and I have the camera right up against it.  I have no room to move!  Again, sorry for the reflection and glare of the canopy! 

EPCOT is apparent by Space Ship Earth!
 EPCOT foreground

 These next pictures show Fantasyland expansion construction.  Also Tomorrow Land.  I  can't decide if one is better than the other, so I'll leave all of them in!  Kevin had to put the airplane in a steep bank, this was on his side, and I leaned over him and I just snapped as fast as I could to get pictures!  Please remember, I don't have photoshop!
 I like the castle in this one!
 I like Space Mt in this one!

 Down Town Disney ~ on the R side you should be able to notice the Cirque De Solie building (spelling?)

 This shot shows the bright roof tops of OKW, BLUE, and red of Saratoga Springs; 2 of DVC's resorts that you can get to DTD using the Ferry Boats!

 EPCOT World Showcase, American Pavilion in center I believe.
 World Showcase.

Notice the long building with blue and orange on top?  that is TEAM Disney.  That is where you would go to be interviewed for a job. The round thing in the middle is a sun dial!  Look at my next picture!

 This was so hard to get!!  I'm sorry it isn't centered!  Again, Kev had to tilt the airplane into a steep bank for me to get the picture at all!  I just couldn't center the picture.  But I thought my Disney friends would want to see this picture!

I love flying over Disney, I get goosebumps!  I hope you enjoyed the pictures.



Deb @ Focused on the Magic said...

What great pictures! Love the view from the air! Thanks for sharing!

Jackie Psarianos said...

I loved this post so much and truly got a sense of how vast Disney property really is. They're not kidding when they say, visitors walk an average of 7-8 miles a day.

I would love to be able to see Walt Disney World from this vantage point. Where can we book an excursion like this?

How very cool!!

Kelly @ DisneyGals said...

Was just showing the pics to my mom. That is so neat to see how big some of these buildings are that house the rides, and how small DHS is compared to Epcot. Thanks again for posting!

Cozyflier said...

You are welcome all for posting. I love sharing my pics!

Jackie, we will have to plan a trip at the same time so Kev can take you up!!

Kelly, glad you enjoyed them!

Deb, thanks for viewing!