Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Party Prep 2012

Halloween may be the 31st but around here with kids in school, I have to plan my big Halloween Bash on a weekend! So last week I rounded up some help and cooked all week and then Saturday night the 26th we had a big Party!!! This year we had about 64 kids and adults! 

This is my pool table after going to Sams and Market Street!  Most of this got cooked for the party!

Another view!

The other side!

I saw on Pinterest where you could take your cookie dough and roll it and make slice and bake!  I tried it!  Mine needs works!!

Autume decorates a cookie!

Ashley, Autume, and Jessica decorating cookies!  Thanks for all the help!!!
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I'm sorry what the professional cookie ladies say, I love my SW cookie cutters!

For the cupcakes I used the can squirt frosting!  Made this a breeze!  I finally found the spray colors, yay!!!  So easy, the kids had a blast, especially AJ!  Never saw him so excited about frosting cupcakes!!  And our friend CJ too!

See what else you can do with a candy corn cutter?!?!

Even though my sister is in AZ, I had to have owl cookies!!  Whoo Hoot!!

Carmel Apple time!

I found Mega Dots, and decided I wanted to create Lego cakes!!!  I used mini loaf pans and we cut them down!!

Lego Cakes!!! 

I was going in 10 directions at once!
Brownies ready to go in oven!
Have you ever heard of a Kitty Litter cake?  You bake a cake.  Go to the dollar store, buy a NEW kittly litter box and scoop.  Put the cake in the box, frost it.  In a baggie, smash roughly Nilla wafers, die green.  We used a combo of regular food color and the new spray stuff.  After the cake is frosted in Vanilla, carefully smoother the wafers on the frosting.  Now, use Tootsie Rolls and Carmels and make kitty doody!!!  You may have to soften them slightly!

I can't seem to find a picture of the finished product. SORRRY!! Place a plastic Kitty or stuffed kitty on or near the cake for full effect!

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 Getting the tables ready for the party!

I must say I couldn't do this without a lot of help! I want to thank all my helpers!! THANKS TO ALL MY HELPERS!!! We made Chex Mix, monster munch, candy corn crunch, pretzel candy bites, then all the cookies, cupcakes, we did hotdog mummys, home made pizzas, I made my infamous chili, we did ranch dip, the guac, i did cool whip with crunched oreos and made it a graveyard! I took left overs to AJ's school on Monday for all the teachers to enjoy! They were surprised! So, next I'll show you the party!

 Happy Halloween,


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