Tuesday, October 9, 2012

No More Braces!!!

That was a fast 2 years! Yes, 2 years ago AJ had braces put on and now they are off! He had them a few months longer than Amelia, but that is fine. Everyone is different, erery mouth is unique an now he has a hinged retainer. AJ has tongue thrust! Oh well, he now has a beautiful smile, or should I say a more beautiful smile!!

 One last picture with the BRACES!!!!!

Dee is loosening the brackets!

 The bottom is off!!!!

Working on the top

They are out of there!!  No more braces!!!

AJ and Dee, she is so sweet!!

 AJ and Dr. R. Massey.  We have 3 Doctors at Smiles by St. Clair.

 AJ with Dr. James St. Clair.  Look at his awesome smile!!!!

Now AJ is saying that it feels weird to have 'plain' teeth! All I can say is that this Damon technology on the braces is amazing! I had to wear braces for over 4 years, have metal bands go around my teeth and was tortured on a monthly basis. Amelia and AJ were in and out of braces in nothing flat! Both kids have beautiful smiles! Thanks Smiles by St. Clair, you all are AWESOME!!!! Cozyflier

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Suzanne Rudge, MapleMouseMama said...

Wow, what a beautiful smile your boy has Carrie! Just lovely!