Friday, October 5, 2012

Castaway Cay Fun - Water Pics

Here we are, my 2nd happy place of all time!!! If you have ever taken a Disney Cruise to the Bahama's, then you are familiar with Castaway Cay. Have you been there?

This sign cracked me up!

Shawn and Stephanie's 1st time on the island!

We told Shawn about Kev's picture last year from the paddle boat, with his thumb on the Dream!!

Everyone loves to float in the ocean!!

Now, this is something we had never tried.  Feeding the Rays!  This was awesome!!!

Here, a Marine Biologist tells us about different rays, how big they get and what we will be doing.

This is the feeder tray that the rays swim through and look for the special mark, can you guess what that mark is?  ˚O˚

See it???  above and below!  If you spied the Mickey, that is what we put our hand on, put the fish in between our fingers and the rays swim along and eat!

This is Shawn feeding one!

This is Kevin feeding one!

Ah, there it is, here is my hand holding the food on the mark!  Talent, I tell you taking a pic with my left hand!!!

And there is the ray taking the food!

There is one taking food from Kev again!

The rays swim through a semi-circle.  After feeding time, we were allowed to snorkel with the rays!

Kevin with the Rays!

These creatures feel more slimy than a dolphin.  Can't explain this.  Dolphins feel silky, rays feel like slime!

They are very friendly :-)

Having a fun time!

Me going down with the rays!

Shawn and Stephanie!  They had fun too!

Kevin and me!

Love how the rays go down and cover up with the sand!

OK, after the Ray adventure we got snorkel gear and snorkeled in the lagoon.  You MUST do this!!  I had never done this before on my previous 2 cruises.  This was AMAZING.  The things you see, the fish,  just wonderful! 

I swear this baby is at least 40 pounds!!!!

Look at all those fish!!!!

Well, hello Minnie!

Captain Mickey!


The ship is so pretty!

Riding the tram over to the far side of the island, day 2 on the island!

A shop for souvenirs and anything you might have forgot!

Stephanie got up early on this morning and ran the 5k, she is in training for TNT to do a half marathon in San Fran soon.  Go Stephanie!!!

This adult trip was filled with firsts!  I saw parts of the island I had never seen!  I had never ridden bikes on the island before this trip.  So much fun.  The "Extreme Getaway Package" is worth every penny.  Filled our day, saved us $$ and was a lot of fun.
So sad the run way is closed for airplanes, but it was a lot of fun to ride bikes :-)

You can ride all the way out and see the look out tower, really cool!

From the tower the ship looks like it is aground! 

The adult beach!

This is just gorgeous!  So peaceful!
The cabana houses that you can rent for like $300 or 500!

I'm wearing my free hat from evolutions!

This is the natural color of the water!  I don't own photoshop!

Shawn and Stephanie!

Sine we have an airplane, I found this funny!

And our bike tour is over and so is the blog!  I hope you enjoyed the tour of Castaway Cay.

I've only ever taken a Disney cruise, but I have friends that have done Disney and done others. They say Disney is the only way to cruise. I won't cruise anyway but Disney. We'd like to do Alaska, and I'd love to do Europe. Tell me what cruises you have taken. Cozyflier


Michelle said...

Great Pictures!
We've never done a cruise but it looks amazing. I do know what stingrays feel like though and I always think they feel like mushrooms, weird but seems to fit (in my mind anyway)!

Cozyflier said...

Michelle, yes mushrooms are a good description of how the rays feel! I hadn't thought of that, but that does fit!! Thanks!

Hope you get to do a cruise some day :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow, amazing photos Carrie! I just love all of them. The underwater ones are incredible. I have yet to be on a Disney Cruise, but this just makes me want to go even more!


Cozyflier said...

Thanks Suz!! I am always totally amazed at what pictures I get with the underwater camera. with the water and snorkel mask I'm really guessing at what I'm taking!!!

I hope you to get to take a cruise!

Thanks for stopping by ˚O˚