Thursday, October 4, 2012

Flying Again!!!

Hello friends! I know I've been MIA and I apologize for this.But since August life has been rather nonstop around here. At the end of July the mailman finally brought the most anticipated piece of mail ever..... the letter from the FAA!!

DOC, KEVIN, got his medical back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This meant he was legal to fly again, 3 years after his heart attack, the FAA had finally cleared him to fly our home built airplane again.YIPPEE!!

So, we called our college friend and CFI , George who lives in KY. George flew commercially out here and spent an intensive non stop weekend getting Kev back up to snuff in his flying skills. 3 years of not flying, Kev wasn't rusty, he was corroded!!!! This all took place on the weekend of Aug 3rd. That Monday, we loaded Amelia, myself, George, and Kev into the Cozy and flew George back home to KY.  We got to spend the night with George and his wife Andrea, see their beautiful home on the residential airpark. But the most amazing thing, was getting to go up in George's Czechoslovakian Zlin an airplane designed to do aerobatics! This is a 2 seat airplane. George took up Kevin, then Amelia, and then me! We did , loops, rolls, and inverted flight!!!! What a blast!!!!! I'd like to share pictures from that weekend, from flying there and from the flights in the Zlin. Thanks George, that was an awesome experience!!! Doing aerobatics is just great!!!

 Leaving Lubbock, it is called a COZY for a reason!!!!

 W TX is flat!

 From the back seat you see the main wing!

 Kevin and George, college buddies.  George introduced Kevin to me!

 Norman, OK... OU campus!  Arch rival to OSU!!!!

 Curse you Red Baron!!!!
Snoopy's airplane! 
 Aside from loving all things Disney, I also love Snoopy :-)

Don't remember which airport this was, we needed gas and pit stop!

 I think this may be my new fave picture taken from the Cozy!  I just love the clouds, the wing, the reflection of the winglets!
 I wish there wasn't so much glare off the canopy of the plane.

In KY, Kevin is going up in the Zlin!!!

If the Cozy could land on grass, I'd be tempted to move back to a cold climate!!! 

 And they're back!

 Amelia's turn!

 She's off!

 She's smiling!

 My turn!!!

 That's the peanut gallery!!

Instrument panel!

 KY is hilly!

 Kinda strange to have a propeller in front when taking pictures!!

 coming in on final!
What an awesome and amazing ride that was, so much fun!  Thanks George!


I'll have more adventures for you. Needless to say, Kevin is thrilled to be back in the air, and he is flying to the hospitals that are further away! Yee Haw!!! Cozyflier


Carl said...

Great pictures. thanks. glad kev is back in the air!

Cozyflier said...

Thanks Carl!