Friday, October 5, 2012

Kevin's Birthday Cruise on Disney Dream

How many of you have walked through these doors?  Do you know where this is?  This is the entrance to board the ship at Port Canaveral when sailing with Disney! I just love this sight!

This is the special flag that says this cruise is for Members only! See, we are Disney Vacation Club members. I'm not paid to say this, but this is the best 'time share' on the market. We have been members since 1997, and we now have 3 homes ~ OKW, AKV, and Grand Cal in CA. We may stay at any resort on property. We may trade thru RCI and go to other places like the Grand Hotel on Mackinac island in MI, or the Broadmoore in CO. Or we could go to Disney Paris. But the kids like WDW and cruising! this has been our 3rd cruise on points!!! OK, enough on DVC, you can tell, I'm a fan, but if you decide to join, tell them I sent you!!! :-)

In the terminal building, waiting for our turn to board!

We took our niece Stephanie and her husband Shawn. NO KIDS this trip!!! What an awesome experience this was.

Such an amazing ice sculpture as we entered the ship! There was another one up at Cabanas. So much detail.

Aye Aye captain!

Castaway Cay! So beautiful!

Aye Captain, I fear thar be pirates!

Pirates IN the Caribbean!

We like Pirate night.  ARGH!!!!!!!!

I believe in fairies!

Kevin and I changed after dinner, so we aren't dressed up!  Oh well, we still had fun!

3 cruises, 18 trips to WDW and this is the first time we've ever met Jiminny Cricket!

Minnie was so pretty in her evening gown!

A second day on Castaway Cay!!! Yippee!!!

In another blog, I'll show you all over Castaway Cay and all the fun amazing things you can do. Cozyflier

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Jackie Psarianos said...

Loved this, so much and it brought back so many memories.

You guys look REALLY familiar to me, I'll be we've been on the same cruise or two,, or three!!

Thank you for sharing!