Saturday, October 6, 2012

Para Sailing Castaway Cay

Have you ever gone Para Sailing?? This was my 2nd time. I love it!! Getting ready for take off!
..and AWAY!!  Whee, what fun!!  I can't believe I got Kev to do this!  Kevin is afraid of heights!

Miko is going to dip us in the water!!

When Kevin got nervous, I started singing  "Lets go fly a kite"!!!

DJ is waiting to help us 'land' safely! I don't want to come in!
It was so much fun!!
Can I go again??!??

Now, isn't that a pretty sight?

This is our niece and her husband.  We invited them to go along on the cruise with us.  They had a really good time, I think!!!  Stephanie and Shawn are getting hooked up for take off!

The para sailing was $74 I didn't think that was unreasonable.  I will say that these are contract companies that come to Castaway Cay to provide these adventures.  If you choose to tip the employees that provide the service, you will need cash.  They don't take the Key to the World like everything else on the ship!  The experience is fun, you get to meet others on the cruise and  float above the ocean!


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