Tuesday, April 13, 2010

300 = 56!!!!!!!!!

Holly Cow! My 300th blog, who would've thought? I've only been blogging about a year and a half.

And how does 300 = 56 you ask? It is now only 56 days until my cruise!! I just hope I can get healed, lose 80 pounds, get the dining room painted, finish moving Mom, and everything else on my 'To Do' list!!!!! Think I'll make it?


1 comment:

miruspeg said...

Congrats on your 300th post...you must have had alot to get off your chest...LOL

Now Carrie that is a BIG ask to do all those things in 56 days. How about just concentrating on healing your leg and everything else is a bonus.

Lots of love and light coming your way.
Peggy xxx