Sunday, April 11, 2010


During Spring Break our cousins from OKC came to visit, also Tyler made it in. Here are some of the snapshots from that visit.

Cousin McKinley, Ashley, our 'sister' from across the street, and Amelia.

They are mad about plaid!!!

Reagan loves her cousin Chris, especially when he tumbles with her!

Stephanie couldn't ask me to take a picture of her and Ashley, she had to do the self portrait thing!! So, I took a picture of them taking a self portrait!!!

Ashley's 17th birthday! The main reason Stephanie and girls came from OKC, we don't count!! Note, this is about the only decent picture I got of Tyler all week!! Ashley was handing out birthday cake. AJ was happy!

Saying goodbye, McKinley and Amelia. I realized I hadn't taken hundreds of pics during the week, I had been so busy!

Just like I still am!


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miruspeg said...

Carrie looks like you all had a fun time.