Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Science "Camp"

You know these 'wonderful' state tests that the kids have to do? In Texas they are called TAKS, at least for this year. The teachers hate them as much as the kids. Well, at AJ's school this year we got to experience something new and wonderful, truly wonderful! AJ's homeroom teacher is the science teacher, and she worked really hard to put on a full day of review for the kids. This was the 'Camp', the kids got to rotate through about 40 stations, in 6 rooms and review different areas of science learned this school year ~ parts of a plant, electricity, simple machines, magnetism, weight and balance, solar system, natural/solar/fossil resources, life sciences, etc!

Weight and Balance....

I don't know what a lot of these stations were doing!

Parts of a Plant


Simple Machines

With the games, the kids had to answer life science, or earth science questions to proceed/move in the game!

With the help of many parent volunteers, student teachers, the 5th grade teachers and a LOT of work from Mrs. Shofner, this was an excellent review day for the kids. The kids got hands on time and experience from parents and others view points! It was a great day!

Good luck to all the 5th graders on the 29th when the TAKS is going on, I know one school that will do well!


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Mom said...

Looks like tons of fun and a great learning experience. Have AJ say hi to Noah from Jeremy, Anna and I. ;-)