Saturday, April 10, 2010

Rocket Man, really?

Elton John performed live in concert here in Lubbock last night. When tickets went on sale Kev said, you know we have never seen him, lets go. So I went to the headaches of learning the online buying process. The computer server messed up that morning and getting tickets was challenging.

So here we are last ready for a great concert. We are familiar enough with his songs that we should enjoy it. After all EJ is a talented pianist and we own a few of his greatest hits albums so we knew he can sign.

After last night that is questionable! I was probably 1 hr into the show before he sang his big it Rocket Man, and did this light show on the screen that was up there!

Rocket Man graphics

rocket Man graphics.

However, on this song and several others, EJ drug them out on the piano painfully long. There were 3 different times the crowd was ready to applaud and he just kept playing.

There were also a lot of times that the very cool light show display did nothing.

I found myself watching the audience more than the stage.

Now, all of you know that I'm crazy about Neil Diamond. However I have an eclectic music taste. I've seen Bary Manilow, Beach Boys, Chicago, Neil about 10 times, and ELO, in concert! I've always enjoyed the concerts, never could you drag me away from them. But last night I found myself looking at the time on my cell phone!!
I'm sorry, EJ is NOT the performer that Neil Diamond is. Neil comes on stage and gets that audience involved. EJ came on sat at the piano played, and then pranced around and acted liked here I am, worship me! The audience I mean entire audience was NOT standing the entire time like at a Neil Didamond concert. It took over 2 hours before EJ got the audience to clapp their hands along with a song!

Yes I'm glad to have seen him in concert, but I won't be rushing back like I would for Neil or Chicago, or Beach Boys!!

That's my opinion, and I know a lot of you will disagree, but that is what is great about Ameriaca and bloggy land. We can disagree!

Happy Weekend


miruspeg said...

Carrie sorry to hear 'the rocket man' wasn't up to scratch. I certainly like to be entertained by more than just the music when I go to a concert.
About a week ago James Taylor and Carole King came to Australia and I went to their concert with a friend and enjoyed every minute.
James Taylor chatted to us alot and amused us immensely plus his voice was as good as it was in the 70's.
Carole King was excellent as well.

Blogging great isn't it, we can vent whatever we like.

Peggy xxxx

Joy said...

It seems like the difference may be that EJ makes it all about him. I've only been to one ND concert (regrettably) and it was head and shoulders above any other concert experience I've had. At a ND concert, it is all about the audience.

Not sure who said this (found it at but it is a good description:

Being at a Neil Diamond concert is an experience any fan won’t easily forget. From the moment you enter the arena with the excitement building to the moment the band takes the stage you can feel the electricity in the air. When Neil sings the first note, the entire arena erupts like a volcano that has been building and waiting for a release for years. As the consummate performer, Neil Diamond plays his audience like an instrument that has been finely tuned and made just for him. He creates the perfect atmosphere of a romantic night with a new lover playing his audience gently, sweetly, and moving slowly. Then, at just the right time he takes us to a climax bringing us with him on each beat of his music and dance that was meant for only this night.

This is a quote from The Man himself:

"The concert experience is also very much like making love. There's that interplay which requires an openness to begin with, there's the interplay during the actual act of lovemaking, there's built-in excitement and intensity which only increases, the feeling of love and warmth and excitement.

"The concert performance does reach a climax at some point, so I think the act of love is a good comparison."

Sun Telegraph - March 1977

EJ is there seeking adoration, Neil is there to make musical love to his audience.

Joy said...


ND can even electrify a baseball stadium. :)

Cozyflier said...

Peggy, so glad you enjoyed your experience with James Taylor and Carole King.

Joy, I had never heard Neil's comparison of his concert performance, but that is exactly what he does! Thanks for commenting.

Yes, Elton is all about him. I got so tired of seeing his hands on the big screens as he would play the piano!

To each his own I guess!