Friday, April 9, 2010

Brothers and Sisters

Mom, "we want to go to the park." These were the words I heard last Saturday on a BEAUTIFUL day when I couldn't move. I had spent the week moving Mom and my Fibro was not happy. The kids wanted to ride their bikes to the park. Problem, they would have to cross a busy street. "OK", was my answer, you guys are big enough now, you will walk your bikes across the busy street, use the cell phone to keep me posted, I'm not asleep, just resting, and take water and snacks. Have fun! I was the coolest mom at that point!!

The kids took a camera and took pics! Chris called me a couple hours later when he finished what he was doing. He went by the park without my asking, to check on the kids!

Looks like they had a good time! Just wish they had remembered sun screen! Oh well, always next time!


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